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GU Makers and Developers

The Makers and Developers is a loose collection of student techies, buisness folk and artists.


GU-MAD will now offer mentorships for anyone who wants one. (Although primarily we're looking at Freshmen and Sophmores)

Want to be a mentor? Sign up here!

Want a mentor? Sign up here!

Meeting information

Meetings are every monday in Herak 123 at 6pm.

Want to join?

We use slack to communicate. Slack is a group communication app that’s used by devs everywhere.

You can join by filling this out. Use your zagmail.

Learning Git

Git is a super important part of the way we do things. If you join the club, you should learn git! We know it can be difficult, so we’ve setup a tutorial here to help you out!

Learning Swift

Swift is the relatively new and constantly evolving language used to design iOS Applications. We have put together a tutorial here to help you out. Let's get swifty!

Learning Express

A web backend

Express is the web backend we use. It's based on node and let's us write in javascript. It's incredibly simple and is super approachable. We've put together a little tutorial on getting your first server setup!