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GU Makers and Developers

The Makers and Developers is a loose collection of student techies, buisness folk and artists.

Meeting information

Meetings are every Monday in Herak 123 at 7pm.

Want to join?

You can join by filling this out. Use your zagmail.


See a full list of our values here.

Tech Blog!

GUMAD hosts a tech blog called "Bits" a that talks about difficult computer science, math and tech subjects in 150 words or less. For example, past subjects include: the CAP theorem, Berinstein conditions, Polytope models, and Delaunay Triangulation!

Anyone can contribute to it (even non-GU folks). If you're interested in learning something new, check it out!.

Other Learning Resources

Learning about Jobs / Internships

We've compiled our advice and resources here.

Learning Git

Git is a super important part of the way we do things. If you join the club, you should learn git! We know it can be difficult, so we’ve setup a tutorial here to help you out!

Learning Swift

Swift is the relatively new and constantly evolving language used to design iOS Applications. We have put together a tutorial here to help you out. Let's get swifty!

Learning Express

A web backend

Express is the web backend we use. It's based on node and let's us write in javascript. It's incredibly simple and is super approachable. We've put together a little tutorial on getting your first server setup!